Are You Developing Professionally

My business partner, Harvey Gellman, would often ask people who came for his help, "What have you learned lately?"   A item from the HBR Take Responsibility for Your Professional Development gave some simple advice on this topic.  

  • Meet two former coworkers each month.  Talk about what is going on in your industry.
  • Have one major learning experience every quarter.  Some of my major learing expereinces was serving on the Toronto Catholic Children's Aid Society board and committees.  Also taking a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology on a part time basis.
  • Give yourself a performance review.  That is one that I could add to my to to-dos.  I will do that on my birthday.

Often people who were between jobs would come to Harvey for help.  If the people were able to answer the question positively, he knew they would not have difficulty finding a new position.

What do you do? 

  1. sauna esofman Reply

    Meet two former coworkers each month. Talk about what is going on in your industry.

  2. Jim Hayward Reply

    I do not understand your point, Supra Shoes. I think that in these changing times it is even more important to keep learning.
    A great idea, ibm laptops, because of technological change we need to really keep learning new things.

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