Importance For A CEO Or Anyone To Manage Your Own Psychology

Just read a great blog by Managing Your Own Psychology by Ben Horowitz, cofounder and General Partner of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz about getting the important 20% right as opposed to getting everything right.   Find out what WFIO stands for. 

He says that most CEO's (and I suspect all of us) get a grade of about 22%.  He says you see so many things wrong with your organization thet you often want to quit.  The key is to select the key things and make them right.  

I want to compliment Stephen, our president, for getting the 25% right.  I am sure some days he does not feel like that.

Keep up the good work, Stephen.  

  1. jeans clearance Reply

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  2. Jim Hayward Reply

    Nike Shox, thanks for the nice comment. I really enjoy writing these blogs and welcome comments. I think we need to remember to encourage CEO’s and all our friends.

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