Multitasking Is It Productive?

As a mamnagement consultant working on many projects at the same time was necessary.  I found however if I focused exclusively on one task I was much more productive.  

I recently read an article that confirmed this.Myth of Multitasking

With people and technology people do not focus very well.  They talking to you, texting, reading emails, answering cell phones, etc.  The discipline required to focus on one thing at a time demands commitment.  MIP recently said that anyone who comes to a meeting without a pen and paper, comes unprepared.  I use pen and paper to help me focus on what is being said and  listening instead of thinking what I am going to say next.  Similarly at meetings take notes on what is being said and you will listen better and be more productive.  

I feel a little like I am blowing in the wind here but be conscious of the price you are paying for the lack of focus.  

Does anybody disagree?

  1. Jim Hayward Reply

    I agree with Kevin is being present. I always found that taking notes really helps me listen. When people are working on a computer or texting during a meeting I often suspect they are not present. I do think taking notes really helps me be present.
    What do others think? Anyone, anyone, Buler?

  2. Kevin Tennant Reply

    It really comes down to whether you are “in the moment” and really listening. If you are really listening, your response to what is being said may well be a question rather than a response. I wouldn’t get caught up on the pen/paper vs ipad/computer. These are our tools and they should be an individual thing. If we are using them for purposes other than the meeting we are attending (which can apply to pen and paper as well) then we aren’t in the moment.

  3. graham Reply

    I come to meetings with my iphone, computer and ipad. I’m trying to be paperless. am I unprepared or did I just arrive with my whole office in my knapsack and now we can get some real work done instead of talking and talking and talking and taking notes to be actioned after the meeting?

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