Weathering the storm: Insurance and weather analytics

When you work in insurance, staying on top of the weather and catastrophic events is forefront in your mind. In the U.S. alone, weather-related damage resulted in upwards of $50 billion in losses to the property and casualty industry in less than a decade. You need to be as prepared a

Point-A to Point-B: Weather analytics and Transportation

If you work in delivery services, supply chain, public transit or road works, keeping on top of weather is a primary concern. To plan better for weather, you need to learn from it and be prepared for it. By owning a weather data feed, you can perform analytics on past performance data

Weather, Consumer Behaviour and “The Profit of One Degree”

Who hasn’t at some point made an impulse purchase during a spell of gray and rainy days? It’s no secret that weather affects people’s moods and behaviours, which in turn affects the retail industry on a day-to-day basis. During a downpour people are much less likely to shop in-store,

Project X Labs introduces a North American weather data feed

Project X Labs is pleased to announce the launch of our North American weather data feed, available as a subscription service. Weather has a tremendous impact on the day-to-day and long term operations of numerous industries. By owning this feed, you can add context to your data and n