The Funnel of Love: Valentine’s Day 2016 By the Numbers

Here at Project X, we’re no strangers to love – we love data. We are passionate about it. In honour of this upcoming Valentine’s Day, we’d like to spread our love by sharing some interesting consumer statistics from Valentine’s Day 2016 in North America. The Big Number Total estimated

Do Self Help Books Help

I was recently asked by a person doing a PH D research project to complete a questionaire about my use of Self Help books.  I realized that I have bought and read many.  I think I have bought more than I have read but still I have read many on many subjects. I was asked wh

Requisite Organization

I am reading a book now called the Strategy Paradox by Raynor, which has some fascinating summary of other people’s research, as well as his own ideas.  One person he refers to is Elliot Jaques (pronounced Jacks), who did lots of good research into management, and really is

Maven, Connector or Salesman?

At a meeting recently MIP of brought up the potential for blogs to serve as a communication medium.  In the Tipping Point, the author proposed there are three types of communicators; mavens, connectors and salesmen.    Maven is from a Yiddish wor

Project X Business Intelligence Study

Project X Ltd’s First Study – How is Your Business Leveraging Business Intelligence – a Technical and Business View. We have started a study to see the views that both the Business and Technical users have of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW).