SOA Deployment Management

What’s in a word.  In deployments the nature of the words you use can kill you.  SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is living proof of this opportunity for confusion. Remembering the fundamental guiding principles of SOA (see endnote below from wikipedia) we have an i

ETL and SODA (Service Oriented Data Architecture)

So over the last couple of days I have been really wracking my brain on the post I did about API vs ODBC.  And one of the things that it brought back to me was the idea of Service Oriented Data Architecture (SODA). I wrote about it before in the context of getting tight and invol

CoffeeCAST – #41 – Capacity Planning with MIP

Welcome to the 41st CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd.  I have been talking with Michael Ianni-Palarchio (MIP) about some capacity planning excercises and MIP has been sharing his experiences with me so we sat down over a java at Starbucks and pulled away from a Florenc

CoffeeCAST – #40 – Capacity Planning

Welcome to the 40th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd.  Graham and I grabbed a quiet spot in the office with some fresh Starbucks (coffee for me and tea for him) to talk about Capacity planning. Graham kicks off by discussing Mission statements which funnily enough gave

CoffeeCAST – #38 – Readiness and Master Data Management

Welcome to the 38th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd.  We are on the road this week, having jumped to Ottawa and Montreal on a three city tour.  It is cold and sunny and having some fun. Today I would like to Charles to the CoffeeCAST.  We are sitting here late at the

Collaboration in the Enterprise

One of the interesting things about social computing and it’s evolution is the applicability in the Enterprise.  As organizations grow, the ability to communicate ideas and learning becomes more difficult. The web has done wonders in enabling this sort of shared conversatio

Governance and SOA

I was having a great conversation with someone over Business Process Modelling tools last night and ultimately got into the discussion around Governance (the other side of his role).  So I thought I would open the conversation a bit and share some thoughts. One of the things I li

CoffeeCAST – #37 – Ipedo and the Virtualization of Data

Welcome to the 37th CoffeeCAST (and the first of 2007) with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd.  It is great to be back.  I have been off living the delivery dream stepping over to the dark side (delivery) for a couple of months.  But I am back and with a vengence. Today I would like to

Regression Test – A frustrating Non-Word

Having just about completed my upgrade I am constantly surprised how people throw this word out at any chance they can get. I am starting to feel that this is becoming testing’s non-word.  In a world of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) we should be able to evolve to a ne

SOA, Governance and Upgrades

I have had the opportunity to work with some excellent people over the last little bit on an upgrade of the underlying technology of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) application.  The team I worked with were amazing.  One of the big lessons I had through the process was