Being Present

Did you know Peter Senge, the proponent of the learning organization, considers presence a very important ingredient for the modern organization?   I was very pleased to see my interest in being present supported by a influential business author.   I have writt

The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power

The book referred to above is a very challenging book and really makes you think about the motivation and character of the public corporation.  The key thing apparently is that the owners, shareholders, are not libel or responsible for the activity of the corporation.  The o

More tipping point

I don’t think I’ve "tipped" on the tipping point.  My general impression of the book "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell were that there might be something there but it is a hammer (to a man with a hammer the whole world is a nail).   

Tipping Point and Senge

Today (OK last Friday) in our Senge group we finished covering the Tipping Point book.  Some of the comments and general discussions we covered were: Law of the Few Stickiness Factor Power of Contact

Learning Disabilities

We started the Senge Circle when Peter Senge published his book "The Fifth Discipline".  We found it profound but difficult.  One of things about the book I really loved was his learning disabilities.  One was the "Myth of the Management Committee".&

Deliverable vs Result

So as I have been delving deeper into Rapid Results and it’s nuances as we finalize our service offering around it I was exposed to a subtle shift of thought. The difference between a deliverable and a result.  Those of us who come from IT are incessently forcused on delive

CoffeeCAST – #22 – Rapid Results and Senge Discussion

Welcome to the 22nd CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  We come upon a new week with lots of folks on holidays.  This morning our Senge group met to talk about Robert Schaffer’s book Rapid Results (see book on left). After the conversation, Jim and I grabbed a few min

Chasing Daylight – A Book Worth the Read

In our last Senge circle meeting we discussed the book Chasing Daylight by Eugene O’Kelly.  I was not sure about posting something on the blog as it is a complete departure from the main purpose of the blog – but I decided it wasn’t true.  The blog is also

Senge Circle is it 20 Years Old

In our meeting yesterday as Jim and Colin the last of the original members were talking about the group, one of them mentioned that they have been meeting since the early 80’s.  Wow.  It certainly is a stimulating group with lots of different ideas.

Power of Productivity – Last Section

Yesterday, Senge group met.  We welcomed a new member and then went on to discuss the conclusion of William Lewis’ book The Power of Productivity.  Colin lead and as usual did an amazing job.  He started by having posed these questions to the group in advance. Wha