“Business Value Through Rapid Analytics” panel – MicroStrategy Symposium Oct. 14, 2016

A big thanks to everybody who came to visit our booth and participate in our “Business Value Through Rapid Analytics” panel last Friday at MicroStrategy Symposium Toronto! We’d also like to extend an extra special thank you to our customer panelists: 407 ETR: Connor

Time Management Part 1

Are you controlled by your Blackberry or Iphone?   Are you governed by your meeting manager?  Are you feeling productive?  Do you work in an open environment?  Do you feel you life is out of control? Most of us these days are really controlled by ou

Power of Productivity

Another book we discussed in our Senge Group was "The Power of Productivity" by the head of McKinsey Global Research Group.   This group researched productivity using Gross Domestic Product (GNP) per capita and the general measure. They discovered early in their re

Power of Productivity – Last Section

Yesterday, Senge group met.  We welcomed a new member and then went on to discuss the conclusion of William Lewis’ book The Power of Productivity.  Colin lead and as usual did an amazing job.  He started by having posed these questions to the group in advance. Wha

Software Development Productivity

Project X was invited into a conversation last week with some senior folks at various organizations on the topic of software develpoment productivity.  First, thank you Mark for including Project X in the conversation.  It has sparked some interesting debate of which I would

The Power of Three

I once worked for a guy that told me that to be successful I needed to do three things at work.  The first was the job I was hired to do (the compete job description) and excel at that and then two other things that helped the organization. It never really dawned on me as to the

Productivity Tools – CaseWise

A couple of years ago a former colleague introduced me to a product called CaseWise Corporate Modeller.   She was using it to capture process flows, mapping them to business systems and employee roles and then using these models for what-if scenarios as well as in support of

Power of Productivity

A discussion group I belong to, The Senge Circle has been discussing a fascinating book called “The Power of Productivity” by William Lewis.  This is a book about a research project by the McKinsey Global Institute that started in 1991 to 2004, when the book was published.