Vendor Provided Analytical LDM

I found the following article interesting as this was something we had been discussing during a debate of Netezza vs Teradata.  One of the comments was to go with Teradata and use the vendor provided analytical LDM relevant to the clients industry.  This is a g

Netezza to IPO

So I happened across some light reading this weekend and finally saw the IPO announcement. You can find a little coverage in the Canadian Business online.  Good for you Gary. Some highlights are: Quarter ending April 30 Sales = $25.3 Million (US) Profit = ($1.9 Million – US

CoffeeCAST – #36 – Netezza and their new CTO

Welcome to the 36th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  I have been busy at work and not had a lot of time for a leisurely chat over coffee.  But I have come back with a great guest today. So join Graham and I as we welcome Justin Lindsay as the new CTO of Netezza.  He is a

Netezza has a New CTO

On Monday I heard through the grape vine that Netezza has a new CTO.  Here is the official press release (I know a week late), but stay tuned as Graham and I will be talking with him in the next two weeks to get to know him better. JUSTIN LINDSEY JOINS NETEZZA AS CHIEF TECHNOLOGY

CoffeeCAST – #34 – Magic In the Air

Welcome to the 34th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  Boo Scary, it is Halloween and along comes with it a bit of Magic in the air.  Today I grabbed Graham as he has been pretty jazzed since finally getting to see the Gartner Magic Quadrant and I wanted to talk a bit abou

CoffeeCAST – #31 – Talking with Ellen Rubin of Netezza

Welcome to the 31st CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  Today I have Ellen Rubin, VP Marketing of Netezza joining me.  I would like to thank Brian over at Schwartz PR for helping set this up. So here I am enjoying a cup of Starbucks brewed at home as we are doing this over

Job Opportunities @ Project X

Hello everyone, Project X is going through a growth spurt and are looking for some great people to do awesome things with us and for our clients.  Here are what we are looking for: ETL Developers (Intermediate to Senior) – Ascential DataStage, Sunopsis BEA Developers (Senio

Netezza Conference

It’s next week are you going?  I hear there will be some good stuff going on.  Some teasers I heard about… Over 250 customers and partners Customer Base growth existing customer base as well as significant new customer additionsGovernment penetration and momentum

CoffeeCAST – #30 – Conferences, Appliances and SODAs

Welcome to the 30th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  Today though we are having a gloomy weather day, I thought we could talk about some items that have been circling around me. So here I am enjoying a cup of Starbucks by myself, so I am really counting on you to join in

CoffeeCAST – #25 – Mind Shift

Welcome to the 25th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  We are just coming off a long weekend in Canada (Simcoe day in Ontario).  A great weekend and a time to develop some discussion ideas.  Today I fly solo and discuss the idea of the ability to do a mind shift.  So in to