The X Team at the Retail Hackathon Challenge

Presenting to the judges: Kazi Ahmed, Lucas Zamboni, Bree Dorant, Nelson Ning and Edward Kao. Getting snacks: Daniel Ko & Lucie Jeffers   Our Team “I liked working as a team and seeing how we help each other. (We also) learnt a lot more about how retail/shopping malls w

Blog Series – Lambda Architecture Template ; Mapping Lambda with Technologies (Part 3)

Recently, I was asked about the Lambda Architecture and how it applies to an organization. I have written 2 blogs on Lambda, so I thought it might be a good opportunity to organize the blogs and share my findings in one place here. Building a Lambda Architecture Template Before I go i

Blog Series – Simplifying Data Science (Part 2)

Recently I was on a data science/investigation project. In short, it’s a complex project, but I used some basic techniques to decompose it, and found some data gold. Here’s what I learned… This is part 2 of a blog series that shares some of the lessons I learned from

Weathering the storm: Insurance and weather analytics

When you work in insurance, staying on top of the weather and catastrophic events is forefront in your mind. In the U.S. alone, weather-related damage resulted in upwards of $50 billion in losses to the property and casualty industry in less than a decade. You need to be as prepared a

15 Groan-inducing Data Science Jokes

While working as a data scientist is a rewarding career, there are no shortages of tricky situations and encounters involved (we’re looking at you, business team). To lower your blood pressure, here are a few of our favourite groan-inducing data science jokes to impress and bother you