Retail: Big Data and Personalized Shopping Experiences

If you’re a retailer, chances are you’ve got loads of data from your customers, but the question on the minds of many is how to take advantage of it all? The digital age is also the age of personalized experiences, but there are plenty of marketers who have yet to take advantage of th

data scientist 2

this is a second note on the role of data scientist… some links to Harvard Business Review

Insegni Centre and Project X Labs Announce Joint Social Intelligence Offering

We are so thrilled today to be announcing that Insegni Centre has partnered with Project X Labs to create a joint offering in the area of Social Intelligence, called LikeInsight. See cross post here Social Intelligence you ask?  Think Social Media Data + Business Intelligence! I

The beginning of the end for Data Warehousing ?

Some of you may be surprised to read I've recently become less religious about Teradata. That's not because Teradata has declined or it's competitors have improved significantly. It's mainly because I see the market moving toward realtime and near realtime reporting. T

Being Right and Data Quality

Over the past 2 months I have found myself listening or participating in conversations that were driving for an absolute answer. I am by far no mystic guru or physocologist, but it is sad to see the energy we spend endeavoring to be right. Please don't take me wrong, this is not a

CoffeeCAST – #52 – Consultant in the Middle

Welcome to the 52nd CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd. Happy New Year and we are back on the air as it were.  I have asked Graham to join me while we talk a little about: Consultant in the Middle / Readiness Master Data Management (MDM – IBM, Oracle and Teradata)

CoffeeCAST – #48 – Teradata Partners 2007 – Tuesday Sessions

Welcome to the 48th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd. Live from Las Vegas. Hello again from Vegas – baby.  It was the end of a great week at the Teradata 2007 Partners event and Graham and I continue on to discuss more of our thoughts on the conference. Tuesday w

ETL and SODA (Service Oriented Data Architecture)

So over the last couple of days I have been really wracking my brain on the post I did about API vs ODBC.  And one of the things that it brought back to me was the idea of Service Oriented Data Architecture (SODA). I wrote about it before in the context of getting tight and invol

Interfaces for Enterprise Systems – ODBC vs API

We have been working over the past several months with a client who has DataStage (IBM Information Manager).  At one point we reached a fork in the road and had a choice of which interface to use into the database – ODBC vs API. Not sure exactly why we chose ODBC stage to c

CoffeeCAST – #42 – Teradata User Group and Other Musings

Welcome to the 42nd CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd.  I took a few minutes of space at a Starbucks along with Graham Boundy to chat about last weeks Teradata User Group meeting and a few other musings along the way. This was an impromptu meeting without any agenda, bu