Return on Investment does it exist

I was reading my regular assortment of information today and ran across a great blog from Joe McKendrick.  In the article Joe talks about the mythe of ROI in the motivation of IT projects.  The hardest part of figuring out any return is to properly capture present state and

Fixed Price vs Time and Materials – Which One Makes More Sense

There is no such thing as a fixed price project.  There are time & materials projects and there are projects that start as fixed price but have additional costs added to them as the project unfolds.  A fixed price project shifts risk management to the vendor and provides

Systems Development Tool-kit

I want to thank Michael over at mip’s scan for letting me know of a great conversation on SOA and tools see the article of reference Building Enterprise Apps: It Takes an SOA or Michaels thoughts mip’s blog entry.  In reading the actual article, it refers to SOA being

Productivity Tools – CaseWise

A couple of years ago a former colleague introduced me to a product called CaseWise Corporate Modeller.   She was using it to capture process flows, mapping them to business systems and employee roles and then using these models for what-if scenarios as well as in support of

The Hammer

I was updating a colleague about some things that we are doing and exploring last week.  One of the things he commented on was the issue of "The Hammer". In dealing with today’s innovation and finding out a home for it, we somethimes get caught thinking that becau

Performance is Always an Issue

I’ve spent a lot of time in system design meetings where performance was discussed. The conclusion of many of those meetings being: "It’s too early to worry about performance.  We needed to focus on requirements & functionality; we didn’t want to get bo

Customer First

I just left a meeting with the CEO of a Financial Services firm and he made a comment about a customer story we were discussing.  I was talking about a client who had asked us to get involved with something, we have said we would support them, but we really think they should look

Innovation Partnerships – Creation of Ecosystems

Over the past 5 years I have heard many vendors and clients talk about partnerships and that the real value of being a partner is in the ability to help the client innovate. The challenge though is that in today’s buying/procurement model, when you bring an innovation to a clien