eXtreme Data Warehousing

A couple of months ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to a small group session run by Stephen Brobst, CTO of Teradata.  It was an interesting group of senior business and technology folks interested in joining in a dialogue around the concept of extreme data warehousing.&nb

Benefits of Business Intelligence

As with many ventures that cost capital, we need to find the return to the organization.  Often Business Intelligence (BI) has softer value, but in Claudia Imhoff‘s presentation at Think Big she shared some great building blocks of which her experience found value. Some of

Software Metaphor

I was doing some of my research reading and saw that Dan Foody over at Actional had written in the SOA Zone again. I love reading this guy he is so practical.  So what does he do.  He comes up for a great metaphor for Software Development – IT and Armani: A match made

Strategic Planning

I was in a conversation today with some folks and we were talking about the Strategic Planning excercises, the actual plans and what we do with them.  For some reason it reminded me of a quote which I attributed to Sun Tzu, but upon research tonight realized among others it is at


Often when we work with out Business clients we are too quick to say, yes that can be done, but … We need to reduce the deliverable It will take X months It will cost Z when you only have Y and so on… I was in a meeting this week, when we started to talk about this. 

CoffeeCAST – #4 – Profitability Analysis with Howard Morton

Welcome to the 4th Episode of Coffee Conversations with Stephen Hayward of Project X. Today we will be talking with Howard Morton, Managing Partner of Boardwalk International Advisors (www.bia-inc).  In today’s conversation we will be talking about the following: Howard’s

Processing Cost, Change and ROI

I had the chance this week to catch up someone from my former past who is an absolutely awesome consultant (in this case I mean, project manager/business analyst) who is now working for a bank. As we caught up on how things were, we ended up talking about the drivers for a large initi

Value of Data

Graham and I were reading some marketing literature this week and Graham had a great note on where the real value in Enterprise Data Warehousing and the Single version of the truth. "The Real Value is in having all the data in one place so it can be reported on in a seamless mann

SWAT Teams

SWAT – Special Weapons and Tactics we all know the music from the TV show. (image courtesy of the movie SWAT). What I mean in this case is a little less intense and more about an offshoot of the building of innovation value networks.  Just as in the SWAT example this is a t

The Read/Write Web – the Evoluition to Software as a Service

The evolution of the ASP seems to be a very hot topic.  We all know and embrace SalesForce.com and it has been around for a while.  But this seems to really have taken on a new meaning when wrapping it into just Software-as-a-service. The reason I bring this up is that with