Broken Windows Theory

In "The Tipping Point", the author talks about the fact that people will commit crimes in areas where there an obvious lack of respect for property.  If you fix the broken windows and clean up a neighbourhood, crime will reduce.  In business, I think similar things


The news recently has been covering a woman who has hiccups for a long time.  I just wanted to remind everybody of my blog story on hiccups.  See

Maven, Connector or Salesman?

At a meeting recently MIP of brought up the potential for blogs to serve as a communication medium.  In the Tipping Point, the author proposed there are three types of communicators; mavens, connectors and salesmen.    Maven is from a Yiddish wor

Gore Associates

In the book The Tipping Point they describe the organization called Gore Associates and their organization.  I found it fascinating and somewhat hard for me to comprehend.  The subject of the section was the Power of Context.  I would like to quote from the book. 

Man Machine Interface – Objects vs Applications

I recently wrote a piece about the Mac versus PC and it got me thinking about the man machine interface.  I remember how great it was using the Mac as you did not have to worry about what application you were running only what object you wanted to work on.  It was really nea

Shared Vision

Another of Senge’s five disciplines of a learning organization is Shared Vision.  Initially my reaction was this was obvious and every CEO shares his vision with the troops.  Senge did not mean sharing a vision.  He means a learning organization truly has a vision

Metaphors, Mental Models, and Myths

Another important of Peter Senge’s disciplines is mental models.  The way we think about things is that we create mental models of reality.  These mental models allow us to think about complex things is a simpler way.  Einstein was a master at thinking about very

Strategic Planning – Setting Priorities

When an organization has many issues to address and has decided on an approach for each issue, difficulty arises because of limited resources.  The group then must set priority among many possible actions in some way that is a group process. A technique I have used that follows f

Using Consultants

Throughout my career I have always believed in the use of consultants to add expertise and to provide a different point of view on difficult issues.  I do not think that consultants should be use to shift the burden of decisions to take action.  The company always must own t

Telephone Meetings

I find that recently more of the meetings I have are on the phone.  Generally one on one telephone meetings are difficult but at least you know the person on the other end is engaged but in larger meetings keeping everybody engaged is a real issue.  I expect people have done