Sourcing Outside of the Box – Story 1

In a meeting a couple of weeks ago an IT executive discussed his initiative to have his organization go through the process of outsourcing all their work to themselves.  His goal was that by having his group properly go through a process like transition he would get service level

GM Sourcing Strategy – Value vs Price Redefined

There has been much hype about the variety and value of outsourcing contracts estimated at ~$100B over next 3 years coming up for renewal.  One of the big prizes is the GM contract (~$15 B (US)).  In reading a great article in Business Week (see For Partners, It’s GM&#

Innovation Partnerships – Creation of Ecosystems

Over the past 5 years I have heard many vendors and clients talk about partnerships and that the real value of being a partner is in the ability to help the client innovate. The challenge though is that in today’s buying/procurement model, when you bring an innovation to a clien

In-Source / Out-Source

Over the past couple of decades many conversations, theories and more importantly practical implementations of sourcing for services have been going on. Today there are a multitude of options available to organizations – off-shore, near-shore outsourcing, and now even more preve