SOA – Approach – Bottom vs Top

In a meeting earlier this month, I was presented the Top-Down approach to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Those of you who know me, know I love driving solutions from business need to process model to solution, so this resonated very nicely with me. Top-Down is very process centr

Lean Software Development

How do we deliver Value to the business – FAST.  We do not always: Know the requirements, Have the money or the timeKnow where we want the solution to goSee the Value in hard $. This is a time when we need to leverage alternative delivery models that can live in this set of

Data Stewardship and SOA

I was reading last week about Data Stewardship.  This is near and dear to our hearts along with the other catch item of data governance. The definition of responsibility was at 1,000 feet: Data Quality; Integration; Profiling; Loading; Accessibility; and Security and Privacy. Thi

Data SOA

Over the past 3 months Graham and I have been in many conversations with some of Canada’s top companies and the buzz has been about SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).  So as part of an initiative with a client we came up with a view that seems to mesh with the current goi