SOA Governance – a new World

The more Project X is involved in conversations in regards to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the more governance becomes important.  In the past we have talked about guiding principles and registries. So as one would expect, IBM is preparing to jump into this in a big way.&

Agile (a great diagram) and SOA

I ran across this great image overviewing Agile development by Dion Hinchcliffe and thought I would share it as this methodology aligns very nicely with innovation, time-boxing and Project X thinks this will emerge as one of the standard SOA development methodologies and are working t

What is Content to You

I was in a meeting this week and we started talking about Enterprise Information Management.  Somehow we got onto a track about, what is this and then what is the information that we are managing? It got me to thinking about some experiences both while at Project X and before.&nb

Enterprise Information Management – SWAT Tools

As a follow up to my previous post I thought I would briefly talk about the weapons or tools our SWAT team may leverage.  As we know a wrench can be used as a hammer, but it is better to use a hammer. The discussion below is to overview some of the tools in each are we are using

CoffeeCAST – #2 – Get the Customer the Data with IPEDO

This is the Second of Episode of Coffee Conversations with Stephen Hayward of Project X. Today we will be talking with Tim Matthews, Co-Founder and VP Marketing from Ipedo in regards to: Enterprise Information Integration – introduction and where it sits in the Enterprise Archit

The Read/Write Web – the Evoluition to Software as a Service

The evolution of the ASP seems to be a very hot topic.  We all know and embrace and it has been around for a while.  But this seems to really have taken on a new meaning when wrapping it into just Software-as-a-service. The reason I bring this up is that with

Enterprise Search – A step Forward

I was pleased to see the announcement yesterday between "Google, BearingPoint Form Corporate Search Alliance" it brings some credibility to the idea.  But I worry that it will take it in the wrong direction, because if this is to succeed it needs to be EASY to USE. 

Systems Development Tool-kit

I want to thank Michael over at mip’s scan for letting me know of a great conversation on SOA and tools see the article of reference Building Enterprise Apps: It Takes an SOA or Michaels thoughts mip’s blog entry.  In reading the actual article, it refers to SOA being

SOA Process

In working to finalize some thoughts on SOA registry and security and where this should exist I was re-reading a blog by Dan Foody at Actional who I really like based on his approach to talking about these things and found this lovely blog on process and thought it was fitting based o

Guiding Principles

In the past we have talked about the role of governance, and in Monday’s post we talked about SOA – Top-Down vs Bottom-Up.  It had me thinking about how to manage things like: Enterprise Platforms (BEA, Websphere, and the like) Data Warehouses (Federated, Enterprise a