The Truth About SOA – CIO Magazine Article

I know the purpose of a blog is not to be a news aggregator, but not much to add, and really like the dialogue it is getting in the comments. See the article in CIO magazine – The Truth About SOA – by Christopher Koche The article pours some cold water on the idea (not dis

Reference Architecture – Part 4 – IBM Information Services

In our series on reference architecture from last week I now turn my attention to what I know of IBM‘s which is less than the first two.  At the Think Big conference Dr. Bill O’Connell, Distinguished Engineer, Business Intelligence CTO, IBM Corporation did a spotlight

CoffeeCAST – #17 – A Chat with Sunopsis

Welcome to the 17th Episode of the CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X. Ask and you shall receive – I asked and Yves agreed.  This week we are podcasting from two continants (North America and France).  I have joining me the Director of Product Marketing, Yves de Montch

Decision Services (Service Oriented Architecture)

In working to better understand the role of data in the service oriented world (SOA) it is often difficult to see the role.  Data is a major base consumable like metals in car manufacturing.  So in the example or metaphor for a car SOA is the standardization of the base comp

Software Metaphor

I was doing some of my research reading and saw that Dan Foody over at Actional had written in the SOA Zone again. I love reading this guy he is so practical.  So what does he do.  He comes up for a great metaphor for Software Development – IT and Armani: A match made

Software Development Offshore – Custom Development vs Integration

In discussions with many firms we often end up starting with conversations about what should I look to offshore first.  Should it be a big project, small project, development, support, legacy, and so on. Software development falls into largely two areas – custom development

SOA Toolbox

I ran across a great article I ran across from the editors of Computerworld and CIO magazine. The SOA Toolbox Take a peek, a great little article on: Build on what you have Big Draws SOA Hurdles Building Blocks a brief dialogue on the maturity of some of the technology stack standards

Teradata and EII Living Together

It reminds me of a saying "Dogs and Cats living together … mass hysteria".  It seems that Claudia Imhoff has written an article proclaiming that there is a role.  I read this in Teradata Magazine, but Tim Matthews over at iPEDO did a great job in a post over

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a service is nothing new.  We used to call it ASP (application service provider), service bureau and on-demand software and in some cases outsourcing arrangements create a custom model.  I found this article very interesting in the light of these new web 2.0/ajax

Data and Software and Their Changing Role

I was catching up on some RSS reading this morning and came across a great article by Dion Hinchcliffe on his Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog called The growing primacy of data over software.In his post it really captured some interesting points about how Web 2.0 and SOA are changing the way