Niche Consulting Firms

Project X Ltd has now been around for just under 5 years and have evolved into a Niche Advisory and Technology Services organization.  In discussions over the weekend, I had a great conversation with someone from industry about why we are choosing to stay niche and what value th

Visualization instead of Dashboards and Reports

As a major part of what Project X Ltd does, we look at aligning business value as quickly as possible.  We term this loosely under the Rapid Results monicer.  I have had feedback from colleagues that using the term Rapid Results in IT scares the IT folks and often even the

Rapid Results and the Big Systems Project

One of the challenges we face in the systems business is the production of rapid results or early wins in the context of the large systems projects.  One of the important principles of change management is to create momentum and early bottom-line results.  I think we all are

The Mushroom Farm

A friend of mine was describing the experience of her son who was an intern to one of the senior people in government.  It was a great experience for the person and he was included in many meetings and activities that regular employees would never get a chance to experience. 

Innovation Value Networks

A couple of years ago I remember discussing Innovation Value Networks and how valuable they can be.  I was in a meeting recently that reminded me of that. As a recap of IVN – Innovation Value NetworkMy idea of this was that this was a group of people both internally and ext

Outside the Box is NOT Outside the Corporate Structure

Thinking or acting outside of the box can sometimes be perceived as rash or brazen behaviour in some organiztions.  I was in an internal meeting yesterday where I was the client and I was reminded about the challenge that process and outside the box thinking often have, so though

Innovation – Time for Some Recognition

Well, it is not often you get an award from a client.  Well thanks to some hard work by Doug (one of our Senior Consultants) we/Doug received recognition on some work that was done. The Recognition – "Exemplifying Breakthrough Innovation" Well aint that a peach.&n

Collaboration is not Communication

As a part of any rapid project approach, there is often a kick off or a set of guidelines that are set up and a couple of buzz words that come out if are" CollaborateCommunicate I was reminded of this in my discussion with Rex earlier this week and have been pondering this a lot

CoffeeCAST – #43 – Collaboration in the Enterprise

Welcome to the 43r CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd.  I finally had a chance to catch up with Rex Lee who I have known for a while and have been bugging to come onto the CoffeeCAST and he finally submitted on behalf of the kids 😉 We took the time to talk about somethin

Assessing Readiness

I will provide in this post some ideas on assessing readiness.There are many factors in creating readiness.  Some are personal, some are organizational, some are from history and some our related to relationships. If a person says "I’ll try."  Alarm bells sho