Microstrategy Security – Part 1

There have been a lot of questions to me around what kind of security can be set in MicroStrategy.  One of the most requested is allowing access to certain users to specific reports.  The answer is Yes we can limit access to reports based on user/user groups.  The ty

CoffeeCAST – #53 – BI Governance

Michael and I sat down after a great morning of review on lessons learned and wanted to quickly chat about Business Intelligence Governance. In today’s CoffeeCAST we talk about the main four areas of focus without going too deep on any one.  They are: BI Governance committee BI

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

KPI's are very important components of our strategy to monitor and report our organizational effectiveness.  Wikepedia has a great definition that links to the similar ideas of BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) and Scorecards. In context these often seem like very daunting

Communication and Collaboration

As part of Project X Ltd's RapidBI platform and approach, we heavily rely on repeatable processes and infrastructure. In doing a post project review, one of the areas that I saw that is difficult to ensure through the collaboration model is understanding.  We use a variety o

Data Goverence Part 5 A Fairy Tale

This is an interesting fairy tale about one aspect of data goverence.   Have a look at http://youtube.com/watch?v=TbzQvswrOTw I think that data quality is a dragon we need to tame and bring into the service of our organizations.    I think the knigh