First Time Thru Presence Process

I have now completed the first time thru the Process and it is has been quite an experience.  I am still a babe in the process.  However I expect I will feel that way forever, as it is really a journey not a destination.   One of my big insights is that most of my

Business Application of Present State Awareness

So what does all Presence Process mean for business person and the success of their business activity.  If there are things your business associates or your clients do that really annoy you and are getting in the way of your business relationshp, the Presence Process model may he

Pain and Discomfort

In this book the Presence Process, one of the key ideas is any pain or discomfort whether emotional, mental or physical is a message being sent to us by our presence in the moment.  Our usual reaction is to react to the messenger with denial, attack or temper tantrum, etc. 

Third Week of Presence Process

I have now engaged in the process for three weeks and am finding it really facinating.  The meditations are simple and I am working on recognizing the messages and not reacting but responding. I am not there yet but I am certainly aware of things that are out of balance in my lif

Present State Awareness

I have always been fascinated by time and what it is.  The concept of eternity in realtionship to time is not an easy leap.  How does one exist outside of time?  I found a book that helped called the Power of Now by Tolle.  It is fascinating and I love the quote &q