GM’s New Outsourcing – Did it Get the Value?

Back on December 15th I wrote about having read about GM’s new strategy (blog).  Well the verdict came out on Feb. 2nd see the Business Week article – GM’s Landmark in IT Outsourcing.  I am not sure what to think about this… The actual contracts are n

Managing Projects in Crisis

Whether it’s a snag in the schedule, a budgeting oversight or an unforeseen emergency, crises in projects are a fact of life. But there is a way out.

Get the Data Into the Hands of the User – ELT (ETL)

In discussing the applicability of Extract, Load and Transform with a client, I realized that this is a great Top-Down approach to quickly getting the data into the datawarehouse so that it can now be leveraged by the end-user.  So take this example … Step 1 – ELt 

Enterprise Data Warehouse Roadmap

Roadmap – a plan or guide for something (Encarta) As part of good EDW governace and stewardship, we should be helping the business drive (Top-Down) a roadmap for the EDW that drives business value.  By aligning the company’s goals and objectives to drive the evolution

Guiding Principles

In the past we have talked about the role of governance, and in Monday’s post we talked about SOA – Top-Down vs Bottom-Up.  It had me thinking about how to manage things like: Enterprise Platforms (BEA, Websphere, and the like) Data Warehouses (Federated, Enterprise a

Change Management

In a meeting with a former practice leader of an advisory consulting firm (now one of the remaining top 5) we eneded up talking about change management. I really liked his straightforward viewpoint on what to do when the landscape of a project changes.  Here are the 4 methods he

Productivity Tools – CaseWise

A couple of years ago a former colleague introduced me to a product called CaseWise Corporate Modeller.   She was using it to capture process flows, mapping them to business systems and employee roles and then using these models for what-if scenarios as well as in support of

Sourcing Outside of the Box – Story 2

Over the past two years I have seen two very interesting outsourcing initiatives in the Financial Services sector. The first over a year ago was when one division outsourced their development work to another group within the organization.  This was not just a case of moving his d

Sourcing Outside of the Box – Story 1

In a meeting a couple of weeks ago an IT executive discussed his initiative to have his organization go through the process of outsourcing all their work to themselves.  His goal was that by having his group properly go through a process like transition he would get service level

GM Sourcing Strategy – Value vs Price Redefined

There has been much hype about the variety and value of outsourcing contracts estimated at ~$100B over next 3 years coming up for renewal.  One of the big prizes is the GM contract (~$15 B (US)).  In reading a great article in Business Week (see For Partners, It’s GM&#