Reference Architecture – Part 4 – IBM Information Services

In our series on reference architecture from last week I now turn my attention to what I know of IBM‘s which is less than the first two.  At the Think Big conference Dr. Bill O’Connell, Distinguished Engineer, Business Intelligence CTO, IBM Corporation did a spotlight

Reference Architecture – Part 2 – Teradata

So the last two posts covered a quick intro and a great view on the Corporate Information Factory.  Today I want to open up for discussion Teradata’s Real-Time Enterprise Reference Architecture which is an article that Todd Walter wrote for Tech2Tech.  I have seen and

Reference Architecture – Part 1 – CIFe

In a previous post I introduced Claudia Imhoff‘s Corporate Information Factory.  As I have been many conversations over the last little bit on this area I thought I would share three different views and then lastly a version I am working on.  I even enclose my crazy di

CoffeeCAST – #16 – Business Program Management

Welcome to the 16th Episode of the CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X. Today I welcome Kim a Program Manager at a large Financial Services organization.  Kim came from the IT ranks and then moved onto the business side where whe is running a fairly significant program.  Toda

Reference Architecture

I would like to extrapolate on the idea of Reference Architecture as part of any strategic roadmap.  In a meeting today with some people on the business side, they were having real trouble understanding or being able to create incremental change on some of their larger business i


I was having a conversation around standards, governance and the like with a client when we started to discuss ITIL.  Here is a great resource for information on ITIL.

Align Your IT Plan

In my post from yesterday, I had wanted to have a piece from a blog I had read a while back on mip’s scan. So I tracked MIP down to get the link (google’d it on his site and could not find it).  So here it is as a link.  Let me know what you think.

eXtreme IT – Agile Methods

I was reading a competitor’s brochure the other day and then showed to Jim and we both agreed.  Really great stuff. In their definition of eXtreme IT they are really referring to Agile development methods of which we are big proponents.  It didn’t go into great d

Strategic Planning

I was in a conversation today with some folks and we were talking about the Strategic Planning excercises, the actual plans and what we do with them.  For some reason it reminded me of a quote which I attributed to Sun Tzu, but upon research tonight realized among others it is at

Readiness and The Penelope Effect

In Greek Mythology, Ulysses had a wife, Penelope, who was faithfully awaiting her husband return from his travels for years.  She was a very attractive and her husband would be king.  Several suitors wanted to marry her and the people were putting pressure on her to remarry