Law of Attraction # 4

Before we move on, let us be sure we have identified our ideal _________ , then you should describe all its characteristics.  Really dream and make it very exciting.  Make it so exciting and fun that you really have strong feeling about it.  These positive feeling are t

Law of Attraction # 3

The Law Of Attraction has become quite popular these days with the movie called "The Secret."  The problem with the movie is that it talks about the effect but does not explain how to use the Law.  Losier in his book, The Law Of Attraction, explains in simple steps

Law of Attraction # 2

In the last post on this subject, I talked about creating your ideals.   If you have not created your ideal then go back to the last post and do that exercise.  This post will be of no use to you unless you have an ideal to work on. Now we must start attracting and allo

Law of Attraction # 1

I have been interested in Michael Losier’s ideas since I heard him speak at a seminar sponsored by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.  He is the author of Law of Attraction: The Science Of Attracting More Of What You Want And Less Of What You Don’t.&n

Powerful Mood Changer

One of the most powerful mood changers is really a very simple process.  It works amazing well and something which I kept beside my bed and read each morning for many years.  I think I will make the list again to remind me.  All you need to do is ask three questions; 1.


Have you every noticed that the most positive people have the most positive things happen to them?  The Law of Attraction says that that is the way things are.  We get back the vibes we send out.  We attract things in our life, in our work, in our relationships and in e

Am I My Job?

In the "Fifth Discipline", Peter Senge talks about one of the learning disabilities is the belief that I am my job.  This means that a person behaves as he thinks a person in his position "should" behave instead of behaving authentically.  So what does th

Staying on the Same Side of a Problem

When we are on projects and difficulties arise, often people start to run for cover and blame other parties.  The key to leadership is to keep people focusing on solving the problem as opposed to deciding who is to blame.  When pressure is on, people are tired and working on

Most Influencial People in your Life

I have talked before about most important teachers and their influence on our lives, see  However others have really had an impact on us all.  Generally our parents have the primary influence and sh

Maven, Connector or Salesman?

At a meeting recently MIP of brought up the potential for blogs to serve as a communication medium.  In the Tipping Point, the author proposed there are three types of communicators; mavens, connectors and salesmen.    Maven is from a Yiddish wor