Coaching Reflections

What is a good coaching relationship?  I think the best is one where both members of the relationship gets something out of the relationship. One of the most interesting is a relationship between someone selling services and a potential customer who might need his services. 

Coaching Part 6 – Trust

One of the key factors in coaching relationship is trust.  This is a very intangible commodity but so very important.  I think trust is difficult thing to develop between a person and his boss because usually there are other agendas.  However I believe the trust can be

Coaching Part 5 – Great Expectations

In reading a new book on coaching, I came across the idea of "great expectation".  I think one of the key roles of a coach is to have great expectations of the coachee.  I think it is a very powerful tool and one we could use much more.  Rather than putting de

Flaws We See In Others are Our Own Flaws

One of the ideas I have heard often and find so difficult to internalize is the flaws which bother us in others are our own flaws.  What does this really mean?  I think it is best by example.  I have noticed a characteristic about my siblings that really bothers me.&nbs

Law of Attraction # 9

The most important items that are common issues for deliberate Law of Attraction are relationships, abundance, and business or job.  I expect there are a couple of other issues that are common, dealing with ideal self and spiritual task.  My suggestion is to choose the issue

Law of Attraction # 8

I had a dramatic demonstration about the way Law of Attraction works for me.  I have been away for three weeks from my cottage and I anticipated that I would find certain things when I returned, none of them positive.  I really did not notice what I was doing, that is, attra


One of the most important thing in developing our career is finding good mentors.  So how does one find good mentors and how do you define a good mentor? There is an expression "When the student is ready, the teacher will come."  The same thing applies to mentoring

Law of Attraction # 7

The key idea with Law of Attraction is that it is always at work.  If you assess what is coming to you, you have have found what vibrations you are sending out.  The good news is that we can deliberately attract things into our lives rather than leaving it to chance.  T

Law of Attraction # 6

One thing that is profound about the Law of Attraction is that it is the way things are.  What you send out there is what comes back to you.  If you wonder what you are sending out, assess what is coming coming back to you.  In golf example all players hit bad shots.&nb

Law of Attraction # 5

I was listening to a tape recently of the book, "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect" by Bob Rotello and I was amazed that right at the beginning he talked about the Law of Attraction.  He did not call it that but he described the idea to a tee.  He said that what he lik