Introductions – Part of Training Sessions

I would like to tell you about a technique I use during introductions in a consulting skills training session.  I ask people to divide up in pairs with people they do not know.  I then ask them to interview the person to get their name, job, and something interesting about t

Interest of a Coach/Mentor

I recently graduated and joined Project X Ltd as a Consultant. My current assignment is as a Business Analyst for a major telecommunications company. Immediately after being recruited, Stephen assigned me a mentor and I have found this very helpful in my learning process in terms of a

Inspirational Lecture

The below reference is to a video which is quite inspirational.  The fellow has weeks to live and speaks from the heart.  Some really quotable quotes.  Have a look.

Communication Styles

I recently listen to session that talked about our communication styles.  According NLP, Neural Linguistic Programming, there are four primary modes, Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Auditory Digital.  Visual people want to see things clearly.  Auditory people want th

Marketing Yourself

In discussion recently I was talking to somebody about marketing yourself, particularly early in your career.  One problem is that has early in your career you lack experience.  I think one can compensate with enthusiasm.  If I was selecting a person for a project and I

There is Never a Good Time for a Holiday or Training

Good old Graham (my business partner here at Project X) taught me this one.  And by golly he is right. But you know what they are both important in our effectiveness.  The importance of balance and personal growth are important to both ourselves and those around us that we d

Consulting Skills

I have posted many different consulting skills on the Blog.  I thought I would make a list and link them back to the original blog.  However I have many more under various categories in the Blog.  See also "Jim and Harvey Sayings", "Personal Development&q


I just took a course to teach me how to to do Reiki Level 1.  Reiki is a very gentle therapy utilizing energy that come through the hands of the practitioner to bring a sense of deep relaxation to the recipient.  The practitioner uses their hands to either provide a light to

Understanding Financial Issues

I was recently discussing with somebody about the issues around setting up good financial systems for keeping track of your business and reporting to the government.  I recall many years ago our auditors told our book-keeper that we had submitted a tax withholding for our employe

Hospice Volunteering

Last year I decided to do some volunteering while I am in Florida because I was here more continuous time than anywhere else.  I decided to investigate hospice for various reasons.  I wanted to make a difference and make a contribution directly in people’s lives as opp