Being Present to Yourself

Several times I have written in the past about being present and power of being present.  I continue to work on this and would like to share some of my thoughts.  My favourite quote is from Eckert Tolle in the Power of Now, "There is no past or future, only the eternal

Vision and Creative Tension

I would like to pursue further the ideas on Vision and Creative Tension based on the ideas in Senge’s book the Fifth Discipline.  I think for me the life of hard knocks and our human fraility really tested my tolerance for creative tension.  I think I lost my ability t

Creative Tension

One of the neatest ideas from Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline was the concept of creative tension.  I think it is in the section on Shared Vision which is one of the five disciplines.  The concept is that reality and our vision are often significantly different and crea

Cognitive Dissonance

We all participate in an exercise called by psychologist called cognitive dissonance frequently and I find it a fascinating mechanism. Before I define it, I will tell the story of an experiment I learned about in one of my psych courses. In order to test the mechanism, a research grou

Acting “As If”

I was just reading something that reminded me of a great bit of advice I once received.  If you want to take on a new role or a new position, act as if you are already in that new role or position. In Gellman, Hayward many people wanted to become partners and my best advice to th

Patience, Perserverance and Practice

I have been struggling this year with my golf game.  Now some might say I struggle every year with my golf game but this year was quite challenging.  However I persevered and the practice and patience is starting to pay off.  However I do not leave it to chance.  I

Improving my Brain Age

I received for Christmas this year and Nintendo Lite with the software "Brain Age 2".  This software is based on research by Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, a foremost Japanese researcher of brain imaging, focusing on the functionality of different parts of the brain.  It con

Celebrate the Positive

Why do I give so much focus to the things that go wrong instead of celebrating the things that go right?  Of course, we get back what we focus on, so no wonder we just get more things going wrong. I am determined to deliberately focus on the things that go right in my life and ce

Meeting Life’s Challenges

When setbacks occur or problems on projects, I find it difficult to see the opportunities in such situations but I just read a little inspirational piece that reminded me that everything we face is an opportunity to learn and grow.  We are often not aware of the growth at the tim

Mentors – Advice

I have always welcomed the opportunity to help people with their development and sometimes would like people to ask for more help.  The question is what should I do?  Should I reach out to people I want to help or do I wait for them to reach out to me? My general conclusion