CoffeeCAST – #23 – Working Data Store and ETL

Welcome to the 23rd CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  Well it has been a challenging summer trying to keep this fresh with people on holidays and a marketplace that seems to be heating up. I grabbed Graham Boundy of Project X to join me in today’s CoffeeCAST where o

Deliverable vs Result

So as I have been delving deeper into Rapid Results and it’s nuances as we finalize our service offering around it I was exposed to a subtle shift of thought. The difference between a deliverable and a result.  Those of us who come from IT are incessently forcused on delive

Netezza vs Teradata

So normally I will not go controvercial on the blog.  But here I go and I hope to do this to start dialogue that I can not seem to get the answers on.  As a follow-up I will call both vendors (Teradata and Netezza) and interview them on their point of view.  So here I g