Harvey Saying #15 – Use of Words

Harvey really believed that words should be used carefully and you mean what you write and say.  When I would put in a report "I feel ….".  Harvey would question the use and suggest that I really mean "I think……".   One that st

Gellman Hayward Get Together is Tomorrow

The get together of Gellman Hayward & Partners (GHP) people and friends of GHP will be held on June 15th (tomorrow) from 5:30 to 8 PM at Smokey Joes Cafe at 4899 Yonge Street on the patio if the weather is nice, inside if inclement.  Please let others know that you know. 

Harvey Saying #14 – From Don Fowke

In my meeting with Don Fowke of The New Management Network he mentioned a project that he HArvey and Jim had worked on based on a Royal Commission studying govenerment administration.  The quote was: "We’re lost, but we’re making good time".

Reviews – Third Person at the Table

In many conversations you often wonder why different people have different perception of what was said.  I have often found that after a good conversation about an issue during a performance review; later the understanding seems to have been lost.   How come we no longe

Jim Saying #2 – Be Skeptical

A good trait of all analysts is to retain a skeptical approach to everything. Things are often different than they appear. One of my teachers also suggested that people have their own private logic so they will be consistent even if they do not appear to be on the surface. We must del

The Consulting Report

As part of my insights into the consulting process, I realized that the report is not the product of a consulting assignment but part of the change process.  Remember people only do what they are ready to do, even consultants.  On difficult assignments we often want to produ

The Lost Sheep – A Question

I think that this parable contains an important management principle.   There was a shepherd who had one hundred sheep and one of the sheep got lost.  The shepherd left the ninety-nine to look for the sheep.  He searched until he found it.  Now if you were a m

Pain and Growth

One of my favourite university professor, Bert Vail at Nova Scotia Tech, said once "We are never aware of the growth, only the pain."   I have often thought of that and said it to people often.  I have found it to be true.  We learn much more from our fai

Harvey Saying #13 – Be The Best That You Can Be

At Harvey’s funeral, one of his sons reminded me of one of Harvey’s saying. Apparently one of his son’s had chosen classical music as career choice and Harvey was concerned about how difficult a choice it was and not very practical. However in discussion he realized how much

Time Management

The key ingredient we all have is time.  Everybody would like more time.  However we were all given twenty-four hours in every day.  No more, no less.  It really is key how we use the time. As consultants our key revenue generator is our time.  How we use our