Exceeding Customer Expectations

I recall Harvey encouraged us all to deliver ten percent more than the client expected.  I encourage everybody to think about how they can a create a delighted client.  One of the keys in consulting and most businesses is continuing relationships.  In order to develop a

There is Never a Good Time for a Holiday or Training

Good old Graham (my business partner here at Project X) taught me this one.  And by golly he is right. But you know what they are both important in our effectiveness.  The importance of balance and personal growth are important to both ourselves and those around us that we d

Harvey Interview in 1986

I got an email from one of my partners at Gellman Hayward, Ron Gilmore, and he said he heard a clip of an interview with Harvey Gellman on the CBC.  The interview was in 1986.  It was really neat to hear his voice and his very friendly tone.  I always said Harvey’

Am I My Job?

In the "Fifth Discipline", Peter Senge talks about one of the learning disabilities is the belief that I am my job.  This means that a person behaves as he thinks a person in his position "should" behave instead of behaving authentically.  So what does th

Staying on the Same Side of a Problem

When we are on projects and difficulties arise, often people start to run for cover and blame other parties.  The key to leadership is to keep people focusing on solving the problem as opposed to deciding who is to blame.  When pressure is on, people are tired and working on

Harvey Saying #18 – What is the best interest of the client?

The focus of our consulting practice was always the client.  When ever we had difficulty, our focus on helping the client.  I always found that was the key to a successful consulting practice.  The answer was not always simple because often the return question was who i

Life is a Process, not a Destination

I learn lots of life’s lessons from golf and my efforts to improve.   Just when I figure that I have something figured out that will really improve my game the Golf God’s say "No, you don’t!"    The message is that golf is a continuous p

Anything for a Buck

One of the challenges we face as consultants is the fact that the only thing we have to sell is our time and expertise.  The pressure to bill from the firm and your economic well being creates circumstances which might lead you to do something that is not in the best interests of


Anybody who has taken one of my consulting skills sessions knows how much importance I place on the warm-up.  In any interchange between people, I believe that everybody must get psychologically get in contact before business can be done.  The approach I find that is effecti

How to Stop …….. or Not

Often we tell or would like to tell somebody to stop doing something.  "Stop complaining about your boss or your situation."  "Don’t look for the magic bullet to solve your problem."  On and on.  I am sure we all can think of lots of "