Power of Productivity

A discussion group I belong to, The Senge Circle has been discussing a fascinating book called “The Power of Productivity” by William Lewis.  This is a book about a research project by the McKinsey Global Institute that started in 1991 to 2004, when the book was published. 

Search – Blink and you may Miss Something

I was having a coffee with MIP today, talking about the evolution of our metadata/library aggregator.  In our conversation he asked if I had hear of BLINKX This is what they say it does: "blinkx reads what you have on your computer screen and automatically links you to relat


As some of you know, Graham and I have been working on a corporate metadata/artifact library solution.  We have based our current version on standard web architecture and leverage Data SOA to retrieve the artifacts.  In my effort to look at already built components to levera

Working Data Store – Client Experience

A leading Canadian Telco has a highly integrated database enterprise data warehouse (EDW) that permits many different questions about a customer and the clients business operations to be asked.  One part of the business wanted some data added specifically to meet their needs and

Lean Software Development

How do we deliver Value to the business – FAST.  We do not always: Know the requirements, Have the money or the timeKnow where we want the solution to goSee the Value in hard $. This is a time when we need to leverage alternative delivery models that can live in this set of

Destructive Innovation

Today some of our most prominent industries are dealing with new competition which threatens to erode revenue and profitability. These constant pressures are asking everyone within the business units to do more with less and then make it cost less again.  These industries need to

Data SOA

Over the past 3 months Graham and I have been in many conversations with some of Canada’s top companies and the buzz has been about SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).  So as part of an initiative with a client we came up with a view that seems to mesh with the current goi

Customer First

I just left a meeting with the CEO of a Financial Services firm and he made a comment about a customer story we were discussing.  I was talking about a client who had asked us to get involved with something, we have said we would support them, but we really think they should look

Innovation Networks

I was listening to a colleagues weekle podcast (check it out at MIP’s Scan) and he started to talk about blogs.  One of the values that it can bring to a corporation, is an area for free flowing Innovation Networks.  This is one of the things we are trying to create wi

Innovation Partnerships – Creation of Ecosystems

Over the past 5 years I have heard many vendors and clients talk about partnerships and that the real value of being a partner is in the ability to help the client innovate. The challenge though is that in today’s buying/procurement model, when you bring an innovation to a clien