Breakthrough Criteria – Benefit

One of the key criteria for a Breakthrough Project is that it delivers bottom-line benefit.  I have often found this challenging to achieve within the time constraint of ten to twelve weeks.  Often we can make real progress on a project but bottom-line benefit is harder.&nbs

Database on Demand – DabbleDB

Over on MIP’s Scan this morning he mentioned an application he was given access to use. As he discusses (Dabble DB) this is an online software as a service (SaaS) application that allows you to build a database application in more of a business oriented way.  I found this v

eXtreme IT – Agile Methods

I was reading a competitor’s brochure the other day and then showed to Jim and we both agreed.  Really great stuff. In their definition of eXtreme IT they are really referring to Agile development methods of which we are big proponents.  It didn’t go into great d

Software Development Offshore – Custom Development vs Integration

In discussions with many firms we often end up starting with conversations about what should I look to offshore first.  Should it be a big project, small project, development, support, legacy, and so on. Software development falls into largely two areas – custom development

Camisoles & Cabbages – The Metaphor

I was reading the Financial Post newspaper on Saturday and ran across this great article Camisoles & Cabbages by Hollie Shaw.  It was great on coverage of the evolution of the Canadian leading retailers in their quest for more revenue and a defence against our friends from th

Breakthrough Approach

A consulting firm called RHS&A. came up with an approach to organizational change which we used in much of our work at Gellman Hayward and have carried through to Project X. Most people and organizations have a great reluctance to change. In order to help them change, one approach


Often when we work with out Business clients we are too quick to say, yes that can be done, but … We need to reduce the deliverable It will take X months It will cost Z when you only have Y and so on… I was in a meeting this week, when we started to talk about this. 

Asking Questions

I spent a lovely weekend with my son over the Easter holiday.  He is a very curious 3 year old as all 3 year olds are.  As much as it often drives his parents crazy he never fears asking his barrage of questions: What happened Why What is that Where … He will often ask

Disruptive Innovation – A Big Battle

As we all now know with all the hype about the new Apple Mac’s allowing users to run Windows operating system, there is some real heat out there. MIP has done a great job in covering the technical side of things and so I will not even weigh in here on this.  The part that f

Data and Software and Their Changing Role

I was catching up on some RSS reading this morning and came across a great article by Dion Hinchcliffe on his Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog called The growing primacy of data over software.In his post it really captured some interesting points about how Web 2.0 and SOA are changing the way