Connections & Facebook

MIP was mentioning in his blog about social networking and a site called Facebook at .  It is an interesting site for making connections with people who might be members and you also know or are relatives.  I joined and put some information about mys


I think that one of the most powerful learning tools is metaphors.  I understand that Einstein made most of his discoveries about relativity using the metaphor of a person traveling in an elevator at high speed looking at something else traveling at a high speed.  The questi


In "The Tipping Point", the author talks about an experiment done with university students.  They were told they were testing earphones for their capability to withstand motion.  They were divided into three groups.  Each group listened to the same material on

Ways to Learn

I know there are many ways to learn (read, school, listen, watch, …).  My favorite is to watch and listen to other people.  I am really lucky to have some interesting people to learn from. In a discussion with another traveler on Sunday we ended up talking about learni

Maven, Connector or Salesman?

At a meeting recently MIP of brought up the potential for blogs to serve as a communication medium.  In the Tipping Point, the author proposed there are three types of communicators; mavens, connectors and salesmen.    Maven is from a Yiddish wor

What do you want to be – An Engineer

I can’t believe this.  Over two years ago I didn’t read Dilbert, but Graham loved it so I started reading and really enjoy it. Earlier this week Jim sent this email with an mpg movie that was too funny and talks to the way some of the Engineers I know (including me) g

The Story of my new MacBook – One Week In

I have been meaning to get to a post to describe my experience now that I have had my MacBook for more than a week. So a little context.  I have been mulling this over for over 18 months ever since a friend helped me do the logo for Project X and showed me Garageband.  When

Project Manager versus Administrator

Why do so many Project Managers interpret their job as Project Administrators.  I admit that parts of the job are related to tracking progress and keeping track of things but the job is much bigger than simply being a score keeper.  The biggest part of the job is managing th

My MAC is rockin’

So this is my first post from my new MacBook Pro. It rocks. It took me about 3 hours to create my parallels instance and install most of my XP apps.  It was easy and supposedly I can just back up that instance.  It is fast, big and beautiful. It took me about 9 hours to move

It’s Not Fair – Tablet PC vs MacBook Pro

Who says size doesn’t matter.4 1/2 year old Acer tablet1 hour old MacBook Pro.