Why People Do What They Do

I have always been interested in why people do what they do.   I imagine that is why I am so interested in psychology and the social sciences.  I have found many of the explanations of why people do what they do really quite dehumanizing and very negative.  I think

La querelle du regionisme au Quebec (1904-1931)

My sister, Annette Hayward, has recently published a book whose title is above.  So for a little change of pace, I thought I would tell you a little about the book.  My sister is an expert in French Canadian literature and teaches in the French department at Queen’s Un

Books That Really Stick

I was reflecting on the books I have read that really stick.  What I mean is books that the ideas have some lasting effect on you and your life.  I would like to say that Steven Covey’s books about highly effective people stuck but it really did not.  I think his

Am I My Job?

In the "Fifth Discipline", Peter Senge talks about one of the learning disabilities is the belief that I am my job.  This means that a person behaves as he thinks a person in his position "should" behave instead of behaving authentically.  So what does th

Where is X

Graham came up with a new company tag line: Project Xwhere X is whatever you want it to be. A fun little statement about focus on customer.

Employee of the Minute – Superman

As those of you who know me know I have a son who loves to know about my day at work.  Last night while he was running around in his Superman pajamas I mentioned a passing comment to one of our folks where I called the person – Superman. Though this is said in jest, he real

Being an Expert

I am in the last death throws of testing and preparation for putting some code into Production later today.  We had stopped testing for a week to make time and room for a higher priority within the client. As always these pressure cooker settings are great for telling stories and

“ize” ing Words

The English language is a living and ever changing thing.  Stephen just said to me "we need to start socializing the idea of opening the cottage."  Now every time he used that word before I did not have a clue what he meant.  I think he meant we should start t

Feedback on Technical Content

I have received some critical feedback that my post are not technical enough.  I want to tell you that I appreciate the feedback and i am listening.  Unfortunately I am not a data warehousing expert and  never will be.  However I have been in the IT business for ma

Daylight Savings Time Change – DST

Last night over a very techie dinner a fair amount of time was taken discussing the DST issue. It has been surrounding a bunch of systems we are working with and w have had our interruptions as the patches are installed.  No worries.  But in a data world everyone is saying t