La querelle du regionisme au Quebec (1904-1931) Part II

The Canada Council for the Arts announces finalists for the 2007 Governor General’s Literary Awards Non-Fiction French Annette Hayward, Kingston, for La querelle du régionalisme au Québec (1904-1931): Vers l’autonomisation de la littérature québécoise (Éditions du Nordir; distributed

Collaboration Products

I have been experimenting with Facebook over the last few months and have found it a very interesting product with staying in contact with many friends and relatives.  Many people are using it as a fun tool and having a good time with it.  I then listened to a couple of rece

Welcome our New Human Resources Team and System

Here we grow again.  Wow. It has been a fun summer.  We have decided to grow our HR capabilities in house and as part of that we have brought Michelle Harkness on board to lead the charge in HR. Welcome aboard Michelle. One of her initial areas of focus was to shore up our h

Back from Holidays

Well the summer is officially over in my eyes and we have just come home from a great holiday.  Today all the kids and teachers go back to school. I had some great time off and have come up with some great topics and observations over the past month and a bit which will start to

Connectors – Tipping Point

I was given a great example of a connector today and thought I would share it.  My cousin has a cottage in the same lakes as I do in Ontario.  She spent all her childhood summers here but moved to Seattle and has not been here for twenty-five years.  A few years ago she

WIIFM – What Radio Station Do You Listen To?

Graham and I were having a coffee with a colleague the other day and he told us the story of WIIFM. The gist of the story is that we all, when having conversations with each other are tuned into a radio station.  WIIFM – What’s In It For Me! Now this is a little extre

Taking Responsibility and Pointing Fingers

Ever feel like Deja Vu? I was in some conversations that reminded me of the IBM commercial in the Dot Com era (I couldn’t find it on YouTube).  But the jist is about integration of a web site and not having many people and chasing down the parts of a solution. In any projec

Communication Challenge

I just listened to the latest coffee cast and realized the challenge we have in this business.  How do we explain to others what we have found in a certain area and the solution without going into so much detail that the audience without the same problem is lost.  So you go

Job Challenges

During a discussion recently, people in the group all seemed to be overwhelmed or frustrated with their current activity.  I wonder if the time of year, early summer, contributes to the feeling or something else.  I wonder if all the jobs we have challenge us and that is why

The Power of Presence

Wow.  It has been a crazy bit of time over the past little bit. I was thinking today of a post to try and bring me back into the blogging mode and couldn’t think of anything brilliantly technical or on the leading edge.  That is for next week.  But I did come up w