The speech Steve Jobs delivered to the graduates of Stanford University in June of 2005

At Project X  we are always on the lookout for things to share which match with our values and might be of value to our readers.  Steve Job and Apple have had an incredible impact on the world.  I was a very early fan of the MacIntosh and Gellman Hayward had one of t

Peter Schiff Video Prediction Last Year

I was just sent this amazing video clip from last year.  A debate between Peter Schiff and other financial investment experts.  Really will be a classic and likely video of the year. Nobody agreed with h

Great Logical Consequence Example

One of the important principles in training children is to help them learn that actions have logical consequences.  If you do X, then logically Y follows.  Child does X, then Y logically follows.  X and Y must be logically connected. I just heard of a great example.&nbs

Inspirational People

I recently had a meeting with a fellow I respect and admire and I was truly inspired.  I will call him Fred.    First I will give some background.  Fred was a Chartered Accountant who had been Chief Financial Officer of a large company with head office in Toronto.&

Actively Engaged

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the old fashioned conversation. Lately I have been seeing in myself and others a challenge to stay actively engaged. What I mean is on conference calls and in meetings we get distracted by things – email, phone calls and other items(shi

Taking Action Versus Complaining

When things are not going my way, I often complain and criticize others to myself.  I realize this is not a helpful dialog even with myself.  The real answer if things are not going your way is to ask, "So what do you want to do about it?"   If I really w

The Old Fashioned Conversation

I am often astounded by the way we collaborate in today’s high technology world. We have tools like Instant Messaging, Email, WebEx, Blogs, Facebook, Knowledge Management Systems/Portals and many non-obtrusive technologies.  These are great tools and allow for controlled in

Organizational Issues in Professional Firms

I was reflecting recently about management of professional firms and I thought it might be interesting to share some of my thoughts.  I have been thinking about some experiences I know about legal firms and accounting firms.  The most interesting one was a CFO from a Canadia

Electronic Paper

I have been talking to my brother-in-law, Christian Vandendorpe, who is doing research into electronic publishing and we talked about the difficulty I have reading on the screen for books and the like.  I find I have to print most of the books if I am going to read them.  I

Electronic Publishing

Recently I had a visit from my brother-in-law, Christian Vandendorpe, who is very involved in electronic publishing.  This spring he is giving a workshop at the University of Sherbrooke in Montreal on electronic publishing but unfortunately it is in French.  I interviewed hi