Why Do We Use Four Letter Words?

Ever wonder why you swear or use four letter words?  Some people say it simply demonstrates our poor command of the language.  Others say it is simply laziness. I am not sure.  I met a famous psychologist many years ago who was well known for using many four letter w

Do Self Help Books Help

I was recently asked by a person doing a PH D research project to complete a questionaire about my use of Self Help books.  I realized that I have bought and read many.  I think I have bought more than I have read but still I have read many on many subjects. I was asked wh

How Can I Change My Behavior

Change is a difficult thing for me to do.  My behavior is based on my belief about life, the universe and everything.  Many of beliefs are kept hidden from me by me.  When my current situation is intolerable, then I start to consider changing.   When I decide t

Discouragement And Encouraging Ourselves

Cause of Anti-social Behavior When I exhibit anti-social behavior, I do it because I am feeling discouraged.  I have low self esteem.  However I am completely in control of my own self esteem.  How can you say that, Jim, what about all these terrible things that happ

How We Learn Behaviors

Ever wonder why you do the things you do? We do not learn things by reading them or by being told.  We learn from life's expereinces.  We develop a model about how the world is and remember things that reinforce that belief.  We form most of our world view by the

Remembering My Apple Experiences

In 1975, at Gellman-Hayward we got a Apple LISA based a suggetion by Joe Cira.  It was a stand alone computer with an amazing user interface.  We really liked it but the hardware was not very reliable.  I then got MacIntosh in 1977 which I truly loved and was so easy

Motivational Tool

Just read a blog about a new tool I Done This that I will use and report in a month.   Pink on New Productivity Tool I think we need to give ourselves a pat on the back for what we have done.  The undone task haunt us and we forget what we got done.

Reaction to View of Universe from Hubble

A fascinating video of what the Hubble telescope saw when it focus on a empty part of deep space for ten days.  Really amazing what it saw.  A great four minute video Hubble Ultra Deep Space in 3D Have a look.  Life changing experience. Is our universe a molecu

“It’s Getting Fine”

When I was about 12 years old I set off early with my bosum buddy early to go fishing with Jack Sampson, who was an adult friend of my buddy.  The plan was we would get our row boat at a pond and take it out to the river and take it across the river to a favourite fishing area.

Leadership What Do You Stand For

I look for examples of great leadership and learn from them.  Lolly Daskal has written a great blog abour that Lolly Daskal on leadership.   As Project X matures the committment to deliver value rapidly to the client drives all our actions.  Our understan