Readiness and Change

I would like to link readiness and IT projects and make some practical suggestions based on some client experiences at Project X and elsewhere.   Most IT projects involve significant change in an organization.  People and organizations only change when they are ready to

Up to Your Elbows in Alligators

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been discussing change management, some of Project X’s philosophies in Jim and Harvey sayings. Today on the ski hill they had "Skinnanigans" a very fun day and Thomas, Jen and I got to meet a 3 ft little alligator.  It got me

It’s a Boy – Welcome Cameron Bradshaw

I am happy to announce that my little sister Michelle and her husband Mike had a 7lb 5 oz baby boy early this morning.  This is the fourth grandchild for my folks (2 girls and 2 boys).  Everyone is doing fine.  The little boy’s name is Cameron Michael Bradshaw. Co

What is Content to You

I was in a meeting this week and we started talking about Enterprise Information Management.  Somehow we got onto a track about, what is this and then what is the information that we are managing? It got me to thinking about some experiences both while at Project X and before.&nb

Blog Highlight

Those of you who know me know that I like to follow certain people and really try and learn from them. One of the people is Guy Kawasaki (his blog and a specific great overview of what he is doing) .  I have read his books and especially remember him from a trip to San Francisco

Fixed Price vs Time and Materials – Which One Makes More Sense

There is no such thing as a fixed price project.  There are time & materials projects and there are projects that start as fixed price but have additional costs added to them as the project unfolds.  A fixed price project shifts risk management to the vendor and provides

Off For the Holidays

We will be off for the holidays and though I would love to post thoughts, I am going to hang with the family. We will be back on after the new year.

Disruption in Service

Sorry for the loss of service today.  Typepad, the provider of our blog serive had some issues today.  These are being addressed and hopefully soon we will be back up and running as per normal.  We appreciate your patience as we wait for resolution on these issues. Chee

Performance is Always an Issue

I’ve spent a lot of time in system design meetings where performance was discussed. The conclusion of many of those meetings being: "It’s too early to worry about performance.  We needed to focus on requirements & functionality; we didn’t want to get bo

Customer First

I just left a meeting with the CEO of a Financial Services firm and he made a comment about a customer story we were discussing.  I was talking about a client who had asked us to get involved with something, we have said we would support them, but we really think they should look