How do you Recognize the Need for Business Intelligence

In our last post on BI I briefly discussed what it means.  Today I would like to continue my observations from Claudia Imhoff’s keynote. Claudia postulated that there are many ways to idntify when BI is needed other than always as without intelligence on what we are doing,

Business Intelligence – What is it?

To some it is an oxmoron, like in Engineering we joke about a Civil Engineer (there is no such thing as a civil Engineer – ie refined – we are all uncouth).  I remember meeting with someone on the business side of an organization and as we were talking about a specifi

New Design and Additional Blog

Welcome to the new design for the blog.  Based on a number of suggestions, I am making an effort to update the blog in appearance and content. In addition to the change in look, we have added a new blog working@PXLTD in support of our recruiting efforts as we are in a bit of a gr

Breakthrough Criteria – Benefit

One of the key criteria for a Breakthrough Project is that it delivers bottom-line benefit.  I have often found this challenging to achieve within the time constraint of ten to twelve weeks.  Often we can make real progress on a project but bottom-line benefit is harder.&nbs

What it is, is what it is.

Sitting in my cubicle today I heard this over the divider, "What it is, is what it is."  Meaning the data warehouse data load job was running longer than expected and no one could explain why.  But that was okay because in the computer business we have to expect th

Readiness Factors – Management Demands

A key factor in determining readiness of a person to change is the demands that management place on the person.  If the expectations of management are not clear or unfocused the readiness will likely be low.  An example is if a person in the accounting department is expected

Is Psychology or Sales Evil

In a couple of posts we have been talking about listening and questions along with some related topics.  In a repsonse to Jim I thought of a conversation that he and I had about the perception he found in his consulting having a psychology back-ground.  The funny thing is th

Two Clicks Away

I did a GOOGLE search on the string "two clicks away" the other day to see if anyone had put a trade mark on the concept.  I had a number of hits but nothing that would indicate that anyone has cornered the market on the term.    I first started using this ter


I once worked with some who said: Brand is the promise of value – online is the experience of value I just had the opportunity to see first hand.  I was reading a post on Naked Conversations today and decided to chime in as we had our 100th post today.  And to my amazi

100th Post

Well, here we are.  We are at our 100th post. WOW. Winston Churchill has been quoted as having said: "… writing a book goes through five phases.  In phase one, it is a novelty or a toy.  But by phase five, it becomes a tyrant ruling your life." This is w