Nay Sayers

This week after a long day I had the TV on and was watching a program about the movie industry where they were talking about success and failure.  I was really impressed by the interviews and dialogue.  It was to bad it was so late as I would probably remember more, but a bi

What Have You Learned Today?

In a meeting this morning talking about Rapid Results, we started to talk about learning and more particularly post-mortem or project wrap-up learning sessions.  It made me pause and think of all the past versions of these sorts of sessions I have been to and what was missing: Di

Welcome Tim to Blogosphere

I thought I would highlight the fact that Tim Dickey who has always been a great idea and information person has finally jumped into the blogosphere.  Welcome Tim. His blog is currently focused on Retail specific information and I have already read some things that are pretty int


Do you have any?I don’t! Is there room for patience – yes.  Is it hard to maintain – yes. I have been working at the office, only had one external customer call today, rare for me and I find myself being impatient on things that are due their proper time to come

Integrity and Ethics

I was away on the weekend with the boys to help celebrate/prepare a good friend for his upcoming wedding.  While on a wine tour, one of the guys Mark (the chef) turned to me out of the blue and said… "At the end of the day all you have is Integrity and Ethics". An

Leadership Edge

Had some great discussions yesterday with people, but one stood out from the morning.  In talking with a client and discussing the different views and ideas around innovation and the role of IT in the modern organization, he started talking about "Leadership Edge". 

Hunting Ya-Buts

I was talking today with some people about alternative approaches to projects and process and something hit me hard. Hunting Ya-Buts.  These are the times when you are working with people and as you talk about ideas, they bring up the "… yeah, that is great but we can&

Is Information Technology an Ecosystem or Part of One

I have been pondering over the past couple of months the use of the word Ecosystem as it relates to Data.  I have been trying as part of the reference architecture development to come up with non-technical words that describe source to business intelligence and at one time was th

The Presence Process & Law of Attraction

I have been using The Presence Process for some time now and have found the process really helpful.  Some time ago I went to a presentation at the Association of Management Consultants of Ontario by Michael Losier on the Law of Attraction, a book he has written.  Recently I

Six Simple Questions…

I was out last night having some wings and beer with some friends (Dave and Mark) to prepare for our friend Peter Ronson’s stag.  This being probably the last stag I will be organizing, we are having a ball and it looks like it will be a good one. But innevitably Mark and I