A Graham Tip

Graham is the King of whiteboards.  I had seen him do this trick, but read about how to get permanent marker off a dry marker board… Check this link out.

CoffeeCAST – #29 – Working with Vendors and Technology

Welcome to the 29th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  I have been having a good weekend and near the end of last week, I sat down with our friend MIP to talk about some experiences of late on working with vendors and technology in general. So we sat down in a Starbucks at

Life Work Balance

Our friend MIP has a new expirement called MIPTeeVee and today he has a great video about ‘Bridging Moment‘ which is about finding ways to bridge our hectic lives and reflect and bring balance.  I thought I would point you to it as this is very true and we all need th

Living on the Edge …

I have been thinking about my CoffeeCAST (Thanks Jim for the note) and have realized a few interesting things that made the conversation the way it was. Me talking to who – mostly myself, I need to be talking with others and learning from them. Technology and stuff – becas

Industry Conferences

What is it about IT industry conferences and the conflict in scheduling.  In the next month we have BEA – BEA World – Sept 19-20, 2006 – San FranciscoCasewise – Optimize 2006 – Sept 28-29, 2006 – Disney ParisNetezza – NUG06 – Sept 1

CoffeeCAST – #27 – Organizational Effectiveness

Welcome to the 27th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  It has been a rollercoater of a week and so we are a little behind in getting out this weeks episode. Before I start I would like to do a shout out to Pete and Cori who got married last Saturday.  On a sadder note this

Who’s Your Project Authority?

A lot of lip service is given to the concept of empowerment. But when push comes to shove all decision making power floats up to the project authority. The project authority is the person who controls & juggles the five project balls of scope, dollars, schedule, res

Ask Why

I was watching a story on TV last night on good old Enron.  And having done a post recently on responsibility I thought it interesting that the company slogan at one point was Ask Why. It is often difficult when caught up in the thunderstorm to be able to question things without

CoffeeCAST – #26 – Organizational Thinking

Welcome to the 26th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  It has been a hectic week so we are starting a little late… and yes you are with me again today. I think you will find today covers some interesting topics.  Having followed the writting of Robert Schaffer in Rap

Posting from my Phone

  This could be real fun if I get it to work.  Here is a test with an inclusion of me with my summer haircut.