Does Process Hide Incompetence

When somebody who has studied process and knows all the steps, can you judge their common sense and understanding of the issue.  You really need to look at what you are trying to achieve in addition going through the steps.  However to work as part of a team we need to be cl

Life Balance and Spiritual Development

How do you see yourself in relationship to the life, the universe and everything? I mentioned previous the importance of having a balance in one’s life among the five tasks life presents us.  One that is often neglected until one is older is the spiritual task.   

How to Stop …….. or Not

Often we tell or would like to tell somebody to stop doing something.  "Stop complaining about your boss or your situation."  "Don’t look for the magic bullet to solve your problem."  On and on.  I am sure we all can think of lots of "

Talking versus Fighting

Violence seems to be a common way of solving conflicts today in the world.  I recall a story one of my teachers to told me about his two young boys.  They were around 6 and 8 years old.  One of them went out doors to play when the other had to stay indoors because he wa

Committment to Hang In

One of the reputations that consultants have is they coming swooping in like the Lone Ranger and give advice and are gone in a cloud of dust.  Another great metaphor is "Slam, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am".  Hanging in for the long term has been a central value in m

Focus on People, not Things

In order to get things done, I often take the attitude "Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead."  That is an old WWII expression but very apt.  Unless it is a emergency where things must happen quickly, paying attention to people is really important to the success of

Mood Changing Questions

If you find a colleague who emanating very negative vibes or appears to be in a bad mood, try some of these questions or similar ones and wait and listen to the answers.  "So tell me what is great in you life?" "Tell me something good that happen to you recently.&q

Most Important Teachers

Most of us have had teachers in our formal education that have been very important in our development.  I recall Mr. Goodyear who was my Physics and Math teacher in high school.  He was a great guy and a phenomenal teacher.  He really inspired me and made physics and ma

Corporate Announcements – Hey That’s Communication

I read through, sat through the Apple keynote today and realized something.  It is hard to live up to the hype.  And man is there hype.  Apple is a great consumer products company and possibly has even moved into the corporate world now that you can run windows as well

Appliance the Myth in IT

I think it is human nature to be looking for the quick-fix or "Silver bullet" solutions.  The idea of an Appliance solving your problems is one of them. To start off let’s talk about what an appliance is in this context.  When thinking of this I think of a re