Large Meeting Participation

Have you ever been at a meeting where presentations go on and on and on, and you have no way of absorbing all of the material because it is coming at you so fast.  An example comes to mind of the Annual Tour of a company I worked for.  The senior people would come out to all

Highs and Lows

So it interesting to go through the project cycle highs and lows. Yesterday was a frustrating day that felt like more steps backwards then forwards. But today, due to the clarity from yesterdays challenges things seemed better. Not the high yet, but certainly out of the valley.

Team Dynamics

In a discussion I had recently someone mentioned that they had read a great book about team dynamics by Bruce Tuckman. In it he talks about teams going through four phases of evolution. Forming Storming Norming Performing The context to the conversation was around the idea that Rapid

Metaphors, Mental Models, and Myths

Another important of Peter Senge’s disciplines is mental models.  The way we think about things is that we create mental models of reality.  These mental models allow us to think about complex things is a simpler way.  Einstein was a master at thinking about very

Why When It Rains

Drago was talking today at the office about why does the network slow down when it rains? I don’t know.  How about you?

Smart People

I have had the opportunity to work with many smart people through the years.  This week I found myself in a number of conversations with people I work with that blew me away in clearly how smart the people are.  The challenge it seems is in the ability to articulate and join

Career Change Story

I would like to share a story about changes I made along my career.  I started out as a control systems engineer doing consulting work on communications satellite tracking stations.  The systems I worked on at the time had a real time computer controlling the antenna. 

Value of Processes

I was really impressed with a conversation I had recently about the value of processes.  I have always in the past found that a perscribed process meant that people were more concerned about checking off the boxes or filling in the blanks rather than doing what was asked for.&nbs

Coaching and Mentoring

Over the years I have benefited from great coaches and mentors.   I sure anybody who has read any of my posts would guess that Harvey was one of my coaches.  However thru the years, I have reached out to many people for guidance and good ear.  One of the best was a

Telephone Meetings

I find that recently more of the meetings I have are on the phone.  Generally one on one telephone meetings are difficult but at least you know the person on the other end is engaged but in larger meetings keeping everybody engaged is a real issue.  I expect people have done