The Shipping Box.

I was told I would love the packaging, so I thought I would capture the unwrapping.

In Transit – my New MacBook Pro

So I hopped on to the Fedex site with my waybill # in hand and decided I would follow the trip and see how it goes… January 25thPicked up by Fedex… January 26th10:13 am left origin – Shanghai, China2:32 pm arrives in Ankorage Alaska4:47 pm leaves Ankorage Alaska(OK t

It Shipped – My new MacBook Pro

So much to my surprise, I received an email tonight saying that my MacBook Pro has shipped via Fedex from Shanghai as of 11:34 pm, January 25. So that is just less than 12 hours from order to shipment.

Time to Convert

Well, after 4 years I am going to upgrade my laptop.  I have an amazing little Acer tablet PC.  A little short on horsepower, but it is great little road machine. So now I have decided to move to a new machine.  I need to be able to do many things: Workforce productivit

The Buy – My New MacBook Pro

So today I finally decided to take the plunge, actually it was yesterday.  So when I got home from the office last night I called the Apple store… oh no, it was after 9 (9:04pm actually) and the store was closed.  I had wanted to see if they had the one I wanted in sto


Have you ever played the six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon?  In a book called "The Tipping Point"  the importance of connectors was discussed.  Apparently a researcher gave forty people in a small town in the western US the name of a stock broker in a

Mac versus PC

I have been just reading MIP’s Scan about the new Iphone from Mac and how excited MIP is about it all.  see I recall my experience with Apple and how reluctant I am to buy into it again.  Way back in the dark ages we


Here’s a website that Hal told me about.     It allows you to set up one or more "radio stations" based on your own musical criteria. It seems oriented to popular and jazz music (it doesn’t know from classical). You define your criteria


On the Edge site, see , they ask the question WHAT ARE YOU OPTIMISTIC ABOUT? WHY?    I think that is a very good question and one that is fairly intimidating.  Lots of answers are on the site but I thought I would just let my thought

Fred Longstaff Genius Programmer

I have been fortunate to work with some amazing people in my career.  One that stands out in my mind is Fred Longstaff.  I was reminded of him recently when I had lunch with an old friend who talked about his design and implementation of a real time executive.  I met Fr