Breakthrough – Case Study

I was involved in a huge systems development project a while ago that was a disaster.  I will describe the project and try to analyse why a strong believer in the breakthough approach abandoned it completely. Description of the Problem A large intergrated steel mill was producing

Software as a Service and Business Intelligence

Colin White over at the B*eye network has a great article describing an evolution to Software as a Service 2.0 (Saas 2.0). He starts by breaking down types of services into three types: On-Damand Software Purchasing On-Demand IT SOA On-Demand Application Services He then goes on to de

Software Metaphor

I was doing some of my research reading and saw that Dan Foody over at Actional had written in the SOA Zone again. I love reading this guy he is so practical.  So what does he do.  He comes up for a great metaphor for Software Development – IT and Armani: A match made