Enterprise Application Success

Just catching up from the lovely long weekend – fully unplugged even my Treo was off. I follow James Governor’s blog and he has a great post on Where and How SOA works: Some Buckets. Here are his observations: 1. They have a single person ultimately responsible for SOA who

CoffeeCAST – #20 – A Year in Review

Welcome to the 20th Episode of the CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  So this CoffeeCAST happens to coincide with Project X’s 1st Anniversary. So as you can imagine, I grabbed Graham, my co-Founder and we decided to sit down and share a view of our year in review.  W

Netezza vs Teradata

So normally I will not go controvercial on the blog.  But here I go and I hope to do this to start dialogue that I can not seem to get the answers on.  As a follow-up I will call both vendors (Teradata and Netezza) and interview them on their point of view.  So here I g

CoffeeCAST – #19 – Jim and I on The Blog

Welcome to the 19th Episode of the CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X. I had a chance this week to sit down with Jim (a regular poster and past guest on the CoffeeCAST) where we talked about some of the topics that I have been exploring on the blog.  Through the discussion w

Reference Architecture – Part 3 – Netezza

I heard back from Netezza last night and got a very reasonable response that I would like to share. "..have not published a reference architecture because unlike other RDBMS/Server/Storage combinations there are a very limited number of variables or tunables, which effect Netezza

Project X Business Intelligence Study

Project X Ltd’s First Study – How is Your Business Leveraging Business Intelligence – a Technical and Business View. We have started a study to see the views that both the Business and Technical users have of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW). 

Xtreme Data Warehousing – Healthcare Use Case

OK so here we start treading into some testy waters due to confidentiality and control, but this is about awareness of the possibilities to open us up for the options.  This reminds me of the movie Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze.  In the movie he goes into the emerge room aft

Xtreme Data Warehousing – Insurance Use Case

This was the most interesting of all of these in that it is so simple, yet so controversial.  Today for example automotive insurance policies are calculated based on a variety of information that puts the particular driver into a large group of people.  If you want to break

Xtreme Data Warehousing – Retailing Use Cases – 2

Ikea is a store that has done wonders in how they have you move through their stores, basically from one end to the other.  But a classic retailer doesn’t work that way.  Some stores have loyalty programs to try and do analysis on shopping patterns behaviours and some

Xtreme Data Warehousing – Retailing Use Cases – 1

In store experience is crucial in our shopping process.  There are some great organizations that study patterns and behaviours about how we shop, buy and generally behave. In an article from the newspaper last year (August 30, 2005, Washington Post, by Ariana Eunjung) I read abou