ETL vs ELT – Sunopsis Diagram

Here is a great diagram that shows the option and possible value of going to ELT. For more go and see Sunposis.

Trends in Enterprise Information Integration (EII)

As the discussion of Federated Data Warehouses has been prevelant lately for me I thought I would share a nice document/survey finding.  I participated in this survey and enjoyed reading the results.  Here is a quick capture of some of the findings… Primary Drivers for

Get the Data Into the Hands of the User – ELT (ETL)

In discussing the applicability of Extract, Load and Transform with a client, I realized that this is a great Top-Down approach to quickly getting the data into the datawarehouse so that it can now be leveraged by the end-user.  So take this example … Step 1 – ELt 

Enterprise Data Warehouse Roadmap

Roadmap – a plan or guide for something (Encarta) As part of good EDW governace and stewardship, we should be helping the business drive (Top-Down) a roadmap for the EDW that drives business value.  By aligning the company’s goals and objectives to drive the evolution

Get the Data in – ETL vs ELT

What is the value of data in an Enterprise Datawarehouse (EDW)?  It’s the Business Intelligence an organization gain leverage from the EDW.  But all this falls short if we can not get the data into the EDW fast, from source and correctly.  Data latency and quality

Data Stewardship

As I was introduced by my colleague, I wanted to better understand the purpose and value of data stewardship.  So as with Governance I started with getting some definitions: “the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially: the careful and responsible management

Working Data Store – Client Experience

A leading Canadian Telco has a highly integrated database enterprise data warehouse (EDW) that permits many different questions about a customer and the clients business operations to be asked.  One part of the business wanted some data added specifically to meet their needs and

Data Stewardship and SOA

I was reading last week about Data Stewardship.  This is near and dear to our hearts along with the other catch item of data governance. The definition of responsibility was at 1,000 feet: Data Quality; Integration; Profiling; Loading; Accessibility; and Security and Privacy. Thi

When Metadata becomes Popular

You’ll know the world is a changed place when dictionaries sound exciting, when encyclopedia are required reading, watching paint dry is made an olympic event, and metadata becomes popular. "Not in my life time," you say.  Well  think again because metadata &

Data SOA

Over the past 3 months Graham and I have been in many conversations with some of Canada’s top companies and the buzz has been about SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).  So as part of an initiative with a client we came up with a view that seems to mesh with the current goi