Data Quality – A View From Tug

At the Teradata Users Group meeting this week we also had a great presentation by Peter Capobianco of Teradata on Data Quality. Abstractly it was about:  Tackling a data quality project can itself be a complex task – unless you take steps to quickly identify areas of improv

Viper and DB2

So today the marketing blitz has started on the next version of DB2 code named Viper.  Some mixed views in the IT Business coverage today. A snippet from the article was: “With our XML capabilities, security capabilities and other features we believe we will have a significant le

Metadata – A View from TUG

At the Teradata conference, one of the items we discussed was Metadata and best practices.  We started off with a great example of what is metadata: the iPOD.  This is a great example because the analogy is the iPOD is the warehouse, the music/video is the data and the listi

CoffeeCAST – #8 – Active Data Warehousing

Welcome to the 8th Episode of Coffee Conversations with Stephen Hayward of Project X. This week we are podcasting from the Canadian Teradata User Group Meeting in Toronto Canada.  Graham and I talk about our different views having attended the Business and Technical streams talking ab

Data Warehousing Alternatives on Ownership – Organizational Structure

So last week I started a stream of posts that was going to discuss the various alternatives to sourcing strategy. Before we get started though, I wanted to do some level-setting on a variety of fronts.  Today, let’s talk about organizational structure in support of Data War

Why Warehouse Your Data

In the world of Data a good warehouse is like "Plumbing" someone once said to me.  They then took offense to their own words saying that it cheapens the value. I find myself in many executive conversations of late where people are having to defend the purpose and value

Data Warehousing Alternatives on Ownership

Over the past 6 months, Project X has been involved in evaluating and setting benchmarks on alternatives to implementing Enterprise Data Warehousing.  In every case that we have been involved, the classic outsourcing and technology influenced have been available and impacted the

Teradata and EII Living Together

It reminds me of a saying "Dogs and Cats living together … mass hysteria".  It seems that Claudia Imhoff has written an article proclaiming that there is a role.  I read this in Teradata Magazine, but Tim Matthews over at iPEDO did a great job in a post over

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a service is nothing new.  We used to call it ASP (application service provider), service bureau and on-demand software and in some cases outsourcing arrangements create a custom model.  I found this article very interesting in the light of these new web 2.0/ajax

Data and Software and Their Changing Role

I was catching up on some RSS reading this morning and came across a great article by Dion Hinchcliffe on his Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog called The growing primacy of data over software.In his post it really captured some interesting points about how Web 2.0 and SOA are changing the way