Retail Series: Consumer Data and the Path to Purchase

From Small Fry to Big Fish Back in the days of the mom n’ pop shop, it was easy for a shopkeeper to provide a personal experience for their customers because they knew the name of each and every person who came into the store. Savvy retailers could then design the layout of their stor

How creative data visualization is used to shift public opinion

We here at Project X Ltd. love data, though we have to admit that raw data is not particularly relevant to the layperson who can’t make sense of it. It’s for this reason that data storytelling is becoming a hot topic for data analysts who need to be able to communicate their findings

Discovering The Beauty of Data Visualization

There is a saying today that data is the new oil, a hot commodity to be commercialized and traded. In the following TED Talk by data scientist David McCandless, an author of two books on data visualization, he states we should instead refer to data as the new soil. His argument is tha