Job Opportunities @ Project X

Hello everyone, Project X is going through a growth spurt and are looking for some great people to do awesome things with us and for our clients.  Here are what we are looking for: ETL Developers (Intermediate to Senior) – Ascential DataStage, Sunopsis BEA Developers (Senio

Logical Data Models (LDM)

Logical Data Models define how different types of data relate to each other and helps serve as a roadmap for building an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) or any data warehouse for that matter. Graham had once defined a good data model to me as one that when looked at shows you how the

Might as well go for a SODA

You know the song…  I was singing it today and then somehow linked in to the fact that it is a great acronym, so I am going to use it. Service Oriented Data Architecture – SODA I was thinking that as we try to apply the concepts of Service Oriented Architecture in the

CoffeeCAST – #25 – Mind Shift

Welcome to the 25th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  We are just coming off a long weekend in Canada (Simcoe day in Ontario).  A great weekend and a time to develop some discussion ideas.  Today I fly solo and discuss the idea of the ability to do a mind shift.  So in to

Know Thy Data

Ever wonder why it is so hard to get the business users to go self serve?  They don’t know the data.  The simple questions of who what where when and how are difficult to answer. So one of the early steps in any business intelligence initiative is to get to know our da

CoffeeCAST – #23 – Working Data Store and ETL

Welcome to the 23rd CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  Well it has been a challenging summer trying to keep this fresh with people on holidays and a marketplace that seems to be heating up. I grabbed Graham Boundy of Project X to join me in today’s CoffeeCAST where o

Information as a Service

As I do every day I was reading some blogs in my RSS reader.  Morgan over at Architected Information wrote a great post yesterday called "Who will be the next VisiCalc".  So after I stepped out of my reverie of thinking back to Engineering school and using that too

Material Handling – the cost of moving data

In data handling, the more we move and transform (pick up and put down) data the more we increase the issues of: Data Latency Data Quality Degradation Cost of ETL development and Support Number of copies of the same data element Can we get the Business Intelligence that is intended Th

CoffeeCAST – #20 – A Year in Review

Welcome to the 20th Episode of the CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  So this CoffeeCAST happens to coincide with Project X’s 1st Anniversary. So as you can imagine, I grabbed Graham, my co-Founder and we decided to sit down and share a view of our year in review.  W

Netezza vs Teradata

So normally I will not go controvercial on the blog.  But here I go and I hope to do this to start dialogue that I can not seem to get the answers on.  As a follow-up I will call both vendors (Teradata and Netezza) and interview them on their point of view.  So here I g